Saturday, September 26, 2009

Something that bugs me #2

Maybe you all are tired of me asking for prayer for my dad. I know two things

1. Prayer works
2. If God wants to take my dad home, then he's going to.

Not to long ago, I had someone come up to me and comment about me asking for prayer for my dad and our family. That person said something to the effect of look my dad had cancer too. Every week when he had chemo he would end up in the ER up until the time he died. Get used to it.

You know what, I don't want to get used to it. I hate it that my dad is dealing with cancer, diabetes and all the side effects of both.

It bugs me that person said that. I am not sure what they were implying. Was that person trying to be compassionate and trying to prepare me? Was that person saying it does no good to pray so stop asking? I am not sure. It bugs me.


ChaChaneen said...

K - the enemy is trying to discourage you regardless of the source. We will continue to pray that until your Dad gets his heavenly promotion, that he will be comforted and feel relief during his treatment. You are loved!

R. Quilter said...

Thank you!

Mountain Momma said...

There are always those people that are going to throw everything and anything that can go wrong EVER in your face. And they do it with EVERYTHING.
Perhaps if THEY had faith, prayer would comfort them.
Perhaps they're just saying what happened to them. It of course rubs you the wrong way, and it should.
Perhaps they're just big fat jerks trying to bring you down.
What do you know for sure?
You're going to pray
You're going to ask for prayers
You know that your family and REAL friends are praying
All of us will someday "graduate" (as our pastor calls it) and win the "ultimate prize of earthly exsistance, which is eternal life with our Father".
We continue to pray because it gives us comfort, because we know it works, if not the way we THINK WE want it, the way we know He wants it.

KARNA said...

That person isn't very compassionate. The personality must be one of the black and white kind...we prayed for Jeff to be healed until the very one knows what God will do and the Word tells us to pray! Sometimes He heals and sometimes He doesn' with my brother He did, and with Jeff He did not (on earth) but Jeff is completely healed with Him for all eternity now. This is reminding me about soemthing I can blog re jeff and his resotration beginning the day before Jesus took him home.

You keep on prayin sistah and we will too!!! I'm sorry your dad is up in the night worrying..i'll be praying for complete peace in spite of these difficult circumstances.

Don't forget to print out my new picture for him from FB so he can have it and so terry can see it sitting there this week HAHAAHAH :)

I love you kristi...just remember, people are stupid and stay the dumbest things!

Mountain Momma said...

The woman that teaches Ladies Bible Study spoke on the power of prayer in church Sunday. She brought up the very subject of those who don't believe in prayer because they don't get what they pray for.
For example, praying that a sick loved one be healed. How do we know that what that person truly needs is to be physically healed? Perhaps God knows a little better than we do! God knows if what needs the healing is this person's spirit or heart, so that is what He touches. That is what this person truly needs. God knows what can be fixed, and what should be fixed.
How selfishly some look at prayer...I prayed therefore I should get what I want! Do they really, really think that's how it works? These are people that see things in black & white, refuse to see a blessing for a blessing.
This lady is a 6 year cancer survivor. She was told by doctors 6 years ago she wouldn't live 5 more years. She told me she has copies of a book that helped change her life and got her thru her fight. She's told me she'll give me one to give to grandpa. I need to remind her!