Saturday, March 17, 2012

Used Pajamas

The other day Malinda and I went to the thrift store. We usually go there once a week. I love to look at the china and tea cups, the nick nacks and dust collectors. Malinda was looking for pajamas for her mother. She showed me this pair of flannel Pj's. I thought they looked nice. How much I said. $9.00 Malinda replied. No way $9.00 for a pair of used pajamas. There must be some kind of mistake. 

We took the pjs to the young cashier, I said how much? $9.00. Malinda said lets go ask someone else. We went and found the old lady who is usually always there. Excuse me can you tell me how much these pjs are? $4.50 for the top, $4.50 for the bottoms, we sell them separate. I said are you kidding me? That is outrageous, poor people can't even shop in the thrift stores anymore. The lady just stared at me. 

So today while I was out with Jasmine and Fuchsia we stopped by a fancy smancy thrift store in Stone -Brook. I found a set of flannel woman's pajamas in very good condition. The price $4.50. So I asked the cashier is that for both pieces? Yes. 

Moral of the story, it is better to be poor in an affluent area.  

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Frances said...

Who would have wanted to pay twice the price if you could actually get the two-piece set for the price of one? Those pajamas for women at the thrift store was a nice find!