Sunday, March 4, 2012

Socialized Medicine

Sorry it has been a LONG time. Here is an update.

I continue to battle with Kaiser about dad. Around October the oncologist told my dad he had to have his port taken out because it was clogged. 

We went to Dr. Ratchet is oncologist. She was setting up the appointment to get the port removed, not giving my dad any choices. I said wait a minuet Doctor Ratchet., is there any other options? 

You may recall that when they put the port in the "simple 15 minute surgery" took 15 hours, my dad nearly bleed to death, he got a blood clot in his juggler vain and an infection. The doctor turned her chair around looked at me and said "anytime you access that port you are inviting infection." 

I said to Dr. Ratchet, Dr. you cannot tell me that is the same thing." Dr Ratchet turned back to her computer and said "Your dad is going to die anyways, so we are going to take the port out." EXCUSE ME DR.? Your dad's cancer is going to come back and it is going to be very bad, he is going to die, there is no need to have the port in." Now not only am I shocked, I am pissed. Dr. Ratchet when did you become God? just saying'. HE NEEDs TO GET THAT PORT OUT HE IS GOING TO DIE THE CANCER IS GOING TO KILL HIM. Are you kidding me, what are out options Dr. Ratchet? NO OPTIONS. Are you telling me there is not one other thing you can do to see why the port is clogged? Your dad is 81 years old (still looking at the computer) HE IS GOING TO DIE. I am so mad now I want to strangle Dr Ratchet. Dr, tell me again there is NOTHING you can do for him? Well, we can give him a dye test to see why the port is clogged. Ok how about if we try that first DOCTOR.

Look we all know my dad is going to die, so are you, so am I. How dare Dr. Ratchet treat my dad as if he is a death row inmate waiting for the execution. 

We go in for the test, the nurse gets the port unclogged first try. She says I am going to go tell Dr. Ratchet. (heheh)

December my dad's blood test came back, his tumor markers were high. They gave him a CT scan, they could not find the cancer.

For all you people who are worried about a "socialist" type medical system and "death squads," I am here to tell you they already exist. It is called Kaiser. My dad has obviously used up his allotted life time Kaiser dollars and they no longer want to care for him.

When we left I told my dad that God is the only one who knows when your number is up. 
Not Doctor Ratchet.

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karenacadle said...

I am so glad you are your dad's advocate! Everyone needs one ..I dont care if they are 20 or 90...if they are so ill they need someone else listening and helping determine what is going on and what to do .. you gotta fight a system like Kaiser! I applaud you you fiesty girl!!!!!! I hate Kaiser! and I love you!!!