Monday, March 12, 2012

Cute Leopard Slippers

This sunday I decided to cut church and stay home. I crawled out of bed, I took a shower, did not comb my hair, no make up. I put on my hot pink thermal top, my camouflage pajama bottoms, and my leopard print mule style slippers. I vacuumed and did various other chores around the house. I was happy. 

About 1:00 PM my cell phone rang. Here is the conversation -  Hello, Hello this is life alert, who, Life alert. Is this RQ? Yes, your father pressed his life alert button, we tried to call him 3 times, he is not responding so we are sending an ambulance. You are sending an ambulance? (I was really thrown off by this) Yes the ambulance is on the way to your dad's house. Oh my thank you. I called by brother and sister in law because they live closer. They said we will meet you there. 

I jumped in my car, leopard slippers and all, I broke the sound barrier to get over to my dad's house, fully expecting to find him laying in a pool of blood or worse. I beat the ambulance. I unlocked the door, DAD, DAD...I go to the back of the house, look in the bed rooms and bathrooms, DADDDD, not there, go to the front of the house look in the living room, his car is in the garage, DAD... I hear the sirens getting closer, now I know he must of fallen out by the woodshed, I peek out the back door , there stands my dad in his wood shop, sawing away.

I open the door and yell DADDDDD, he is sawing a piece of wood so he can't hear me. I hear the sirens they are very close now, DAD!!! He turns off his saw and says OH hi. OMG dad the life alert people think there is something wrong and the ambulance is on the way. WHAT! my dad says. I said you accidently pushed your button now they are sending help. Profanities start spewing out of my dad's mouth.

I ran in the house to get to the front yard before the medical people show up, my dad right behind me. My dad takes off his life alert and throws it across the room still cursing like a drunken sailor. I get out the front door my brother and family show up. My brother and Sister in law take my dad back in the house. 

The fire department is first to show up. I tell them oops sorry it was an accident no help needed, the fire truck driver rolls his eyes,  the ambulance shows up. I had totally forgotten what I had on tell I looked down and noticed my leopard slippers. Oh well, what am I going to do. I apologize to the fire and ambulance people and go back in the house. 

My dad was having a complete melt down. Thankfully my brother seems to have a calming effect on people. My sister in law convinced my dad that this incident was a great trial run and now we know everything works. I called the Life Alert people and arranged it so that they call me first before they call for medical help. He promised he would continue to ware his life alert. 

I went home and took a nap, knowing that my dad was ok. 

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