Saturday, March 10, 2012


The other month I had to go get a mammogram.  I arrived, and registered, and sat down near the front desk. There was a waiting room full of anxious women.

I noticed a huddle of nurses behind the front desk. They were trying to talk quietly, but I could still hear them. Nurse 1 was saying what should I do?  Nurse 2 was saying tell her she has to leave, Nurse 1 says I can't do that, nurse 2 says you have to, mumbling from the others. Nurse 1 stomps off.

The next thing I know there is a young woman standing in front of me at the desk sobbing, begging Nurse 2, please I have a big lump in my breast, please help me, Nurse 2 sorry you don't have any insurance, Please I am so scared, what am I suppose to do? Sorry can't help you, sobbing even more, please ... Nurse 2 interrupts- your insurance is no good anymore I called and checked. You will have to leave now. The sobbing young lady leaves. The waiting room was silent.

My heart broke for that woman. I have to wonder how many other women this happens to every day.

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