Sunday, November 6, 2011

UltraSond Photos - Baby Update 7:45 pm

I think its really a miracle that medical imaging can take 3d ultrasound photos of your unborn baby. Technology it is truly amazing. People post the yellowish black photos on facebook all the time. The simple fact is I don't want to look at them. The photos give me the heebie geebies. They remind me of those ugly wrinkled apple dolls, but in the creepyist kind of way. You may feel your baby is the center of the universe, but it is not. Other people do not feel the same connection to your baby as you do. Given the choice, I would prefer to look at your baby after it is born.

Update 7:45 PM
This was just on my facebook.

Soon to be Mommy Club Member "Last Monday I was < 1 cm dilated...I go back in for another check tomorrow...what's your guess on how far I've progressed? The closest person get the placenta! (EW...ok, that was even crossing the line for ME!) PAHAAHAH!" 

Ok , you are right. That is crossing the line. 

Dear Soon to be Mommy Club Member, I am sorry I am going to have to hide your facebook post from now on. Your a great person. But I can't take it anymore. I hope you can go on and talk for endless hours about the birthing process from conception until birth with all your mommy club friends.
Take care,

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