Monday, November 7, 2011

Crack Season

Thats right, fall and winter is crack season! At least the kind of crack I like. It comes from cows, sheep, goats and water buffalo. You guessed it, I am talking about cheeses. Cheese is good all year, but it is especially good during the fall and winter. Today I bought two cheeses I have never tried before.

1. Rogue River Blue Cheese - from Oregon 
         1. (a) I have to say is I loved, loved, loved the Rogue River blue cheese. Did I say I loved it? Oh yes. It is made out of raw cow's milk. It is creamy, pungent, goodness. This cheese is not for the faint of heart. This cheese is for the crack/cheese head like me.  I had to pretend like I wanted to share the experience with my gig a low. Oh would you like some blue cheese honey, here is ONE bite. I really hope you enjoyed it. NOW STAY AWAY! I had my cheese knife in hand just in case someone tried to sneak another bite. I started dreaming of putting large amounts of Rogue Blue Cheese in the bathtub and just rolling, and swimming in it. I made dinner but skipped it and just ate the blue cheese. The cheese maker says the cheese has a sweet woodsy pine, wild ripped berries hazelnuts, morels and pears" taste. I say it has a yummy, rich, sharp, can't stop eating it taste. Sorry no left overs on this one. 
         2.(a) I have to say this one is a good conversation piece. Another cows milk cheese. It is rubbed in ground coffee and lavender than aged. To me it was like eating purple. Lavender taste like it smells.  The strong taste of lavender reminded me of someone's grandmother out in the garden on a spring day.. I think it would be fun to take to a party because of it novelty. The cheese maker says it has "hints of butterscotch and carmel." I missed those tastes together. It kind of has the texture of swiss. I told my gig a low he could have all he wanted of this one. I was busy eating the last of the blue cheese.

I think my next crack hit will be of a French nature. 

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