Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Now What Did I Say? PG 13

I was talking to some of my Christian friends this afternoon about the boom of jobs in North Dakota. We were discussing different ways we could go to North Dakota and make bundles of money, so we could come back to California and live a better life. One suggestion was a restaurant, or a food truck, how about a whore house. A whore house? would it be a Christian whore house? Well If I was a madam it might work. I would be a Christian Madam who has Christian Whores. No we decided that the Christian Whore house is not the right way to go and cash in, in North Dakota. 

So this evening we had bible study at church. Normally, we have the study at a group members home. At the church the acoustics are quite a bit different compared to the home we usually meet in. Bill said pastor, I thought he said BASTARD. So I repeated what I thought I heard Bill say - Bastard. (Because I have echolalia- just kidding)  I have never seen so many jaws drop all at once. What, I said seeing everyone shocked. The Pastor said are you calling me a Bastard? What? Why would I call you that? He said Bill said Pastor, Oh I See. OOPS. I heard lots of mumbles like I have never said that word in my whole life. So I commented on the mumbling. Is bastard a bad word I said, or is it a statement, like calling a female dog a bitch. More gasps. I guess is time to close my mouth. Our Pastor has a good sense of humor. I am glad. I managed to stay out of trouble for the rest of our study. I guess it was good that I did not ask for prayer for business opportunities in North Dakota. People might of fainted. 

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ChaChaneen said...

Oooooooooooooh too funny!