Friday, October 7, 2011

Text Message

It seems as though calling people on the phone or even email has become a thing of the past! People act as if they are inconvenienced when you call them on the phone. People have told me "I will never pick up my phone, don't call me, if you want me to respond text message." Have you ever got a text message the length of War and Peace? It takes 10 minutes to scroll to the bottom of the message. Text messaging has taken over the world. For the most part I hate it.

For me text messages come in handy when you have a short update - I am on my way, or lets met at 5:30, see you there, I am running a little late  kind of message.

People try to conduct business using text. They tell you the secrets of their soul using text.  They don't want to talk on the phone or even read an email. It drives me crazy. Here is the problem I have with using text for all my communication. I can't spell because I am dyslexic. My phone has a spell checker but it takes me a long time to write a text. Sometimes I cant read things that people write correctly.

If you are my boss and you are trying to tell me something very important, call me on my landline or cell phone. Text messages can be misinterpreted, or not clear. How do you ask questions and clear up a misunderstanding back and forth on text?

Here is an example of why I hate text messages.

I am working on two different events. A flower show and a Thanksgiving program. I am a part of the Thanksgiving team but not part of the flower team. My friend told me we had a meeting to go to for the Thanksgiving team. I was not sure about the time so I text message  Boss "A" to enquirer about the meeting. If I wanted a response I needed to text. Dang.

Text to Boss "A" from me do we have a meeting today? 
Text from Boss "A" no, we never set a date.
Text from me Ok. 
Text from boss "A" no meeting today
Text from boss "A" there is no meeting today sorry for the confusion. We will meet next week on the 10th. ALL MARKETING DOES HOWEVER NEED TO BE COMPLETED BY THE 5th SO WE CAN SALE AT THE FLOWER SHOW.  
Text from me I have no idea what your talking about marketing at the flower show, I am on the Thanksgiving team.
Text from boss "A"  all flyer's and tickets are to be done for the flower show for marketing, yes 3 of you are on the Thanksgiving team. So is Cassandre and Ann and they are in your book club. That is why our meetings are on Mondays.
Now I am starting to get pissed off.
Text from me  Marketing has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. That is two different issues. 
Text from Boss "A"  Not two different issues. If we hold thanksgiving meetings on Tuesday,you could not attend so we have the meeting on Monday. 

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