Sunday, October 16, 2011


Some people associate songs with a memory, some people smells, as for me I associate food with memories.

The other day Jasmin and I went to Costco. I bought the "Torta Sandwich Rolls" (oh my 45 carbs per roll.)
I could not hardly wait to get home and eat one. YES, I made myself wait.  The first bite took me back along memory lane.

It all started when I was very young. All the parents on Nevis Street sent us kids to day camp. We were dubbed
"The Nevis Street Gang" by the camp councilors. We were rowdy and wild. Some how me made the camp councilors like us. When I turned 12, me and my foster sister were inducted into the world of camp councilors. Two of the "Nevis Street" kids did the neighborhood proud.

The camp leaders were: Carolin, she was a hippy who did not shave her legs or arm pits. She burned her bra. Carolin was also a vegetarian. I had never heard of that before. In my mind that was just plain weird. More so then not shaving your arm pits and legs. Paula, she always had a bandanna on, Jay, was a fun and silly song leader, and Steeeeveeee. Me and my foster sister had a crush on Steve. We pretty much worship the ground he walked on. Steve played guitar and sang folk songs. He had long brown hair. Me and Steve shared a birthday, so I felt I had more ownership rights.

Camp was 6 days a week. Five days at the park, swimming, making crafts, hanging out by the creek, going on hikes and singing.

One of the joys of being a camp councilor was that Jay would make up a song about you. We would teach the kids and they sang it everyday. Here is one of the songs "our leaders name is Steve, he always made us heave so we had to make him leave, up at the old day camp." Loved that song because it was about dreamy Steve.

Here is another song we sang by Jay. " Grandma is in the cellar, oh can't you smell her, she's cooking pancakes on a dirty stove, YUM- YUM! In her eyes there is matter and it's dripping in the batter and the  (making arm movment as if to wipe your nose) is running from her nose."

On the 6th night  we would spend the night at different state parks, camping with the "kids." Now that me and my foster sister were unofficial camp councilor we had the privilege of spending the night in "leader land." Leader land was just a about 20 feet from the "kids" but only leaders could sleep there.  Other then the pot and cigarettes nothing inappropriate happened. We would talk and laugh and eat M&Ms and have a great time.

The best part was after the camp out, when all the little kiddies were gone ( I was 12 after all not a kid any more) the camp councilors would have a party. I loved going to the party because Steve was there. Anyways, they always had "day camp sandwiches." They consisted of a sour dough roll , miracle whip,  the very cheapest lunch meat food product and cheese whiz. The ritual was to put miracle whip on the roll, next "lunch meat", cheese whiz topping, close the sandwich up, stick it in the microwave heat it up, chow down. (Caroline just put vegetables on hers.) Those were some of the happiest days of my youth.

The rolls I just bought at Costco tasted just like the rolls at the camp party. When I eat one I feel so happy.

I wonder do you have any food associations?

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ChaChaneen said...

Ha Ha - great post! I lurve food all the time. 2 things always remind of pregnancies.

Beef jerky reminds of when I was pregnant with my girl.

Hot dogs with my boy cuz I couldn't stand a hot dog before but now I lurve them.