Tuesday, October 25, 2011

4 AM

It's 4:00 AM. I am wide awake. I still have 2 hours to sleep. I don't want to get up. Maybe if I close my eyes I can go back to sleep.  My mind is buzzing with activity. This is what happens when I try to force myself to sleep. I start thinking and making list.

What am I going to have for dinner?
1. Grilled Cheese
2. Mac n Cheese
3. Cheese
4. Bacon
5. Homemade-Tomato soup with grilled cheese and bacon - yeah, I have got that big tomato I need to use...
6. I think we will have sloppy Joes and use the big tomato in it.

Toss, turn.

House work that needs to be done:
1. empty dishwasher
2. make dinner
3. clean up dog poop outside
4. laundry

fluff pillow, toss, turn!

What am I going to do for my birthday?
That question leads to thoughts of Birthday /Christmas list for my gig a low:
1. Electric toothbrush
2. Travel pillow
3. Garbage can 
4. Slippers
5. I am forgetting one

Get up go to the bathroom, go back to bed, force my eyes closed...

Who have I offended this week? Who do I need to apologize to?  ( I know it's only Tuesday)
1. Person A
2. Person B
3. Person C

Flip over fast, now I am mad it is 4:30!

Who have I offended and I don't care?
1. Person A, scratch person A from above list.

I turn on my back and listen to my gig a low snore.
1. I need to exercise 
2. I need to exercise
But I did yesterday and the day before, cant I have a day off?

Now I am hot, I kick off the covers.

What do I have to do at work today?
1. Find the perfect parking place
2. Wonder what the boss is going to have me do today
         Plan A
         Plan B
I am hoping for plan B

Worry about Thanksgiving party

Now I am cold. Pull the covers back up.

It is 5:00 AM. I give up and get out of bed. Nothing much I can do at 5 AM, the guys and the doggies are sleeping. I check facebook, email, and news on the computer. Thankfully ChaCha is up so we play words with friends.
Oh man! I hope I sleep better tonight!

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ChaChaneen said...

Ha Ha - Yep I have nights like this too. But yours was funnier! ha ha

By the way, it's your turn.