Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rat and the Car - WARNING: GRAPHIC Photos

My sweet friend called me on Monday morning and asked if I could take her son to school. She said she was going to church on sunday, when she got on the freeway (not to far from her house) and her power steering went out. She had to have her car towed to the shop. Monday afternoon she called to ask if I could go with her to pick up her car.

When we got to the auto shop the mechanic said you will not believe this, what caused your power steering to go out. What happened we said with anticipation. The young blond haired, blue eyed cutie pie mechanic with a Cheshire cat smile said A RAT!

What??? A RAT?? He goes on to say it was the biggest rat anyone at the auto shop had ever seen. His smile was so big I though he was going to bust out in laughter. Guys seem to think really gross things are funny. The grosser it is, the funnier it is. His eyes where twinkling like he had just won the lottery. Their was glee all over his face. Apparently, cars with rat problems are more common then you would think. He said sometimes the rat will chew the wiring and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. The blue eyed wonder said they have seen cats and possums killed by a car engine too. But my sweet friend had a rat. The granddaddy of all rats. It was so big the mechanics took photos of it. One guy was showing other patrons the prize winning dead rat photos. He said it was a "fruit rat." Luckily for my sweet friend it only cost $300.00 to get the car fixed. (get the rat removed) Really my sweet friend does not have $300.00 to fix a car. Somehow she got the money together.

Below are photos of the dead rat. They are graphic photos and make me want to scream. If you are tender and don't like to see dead animasl- don't look. The rat is caught between the belt and the pulley. (What ever that is)

Large view of the rat in the car belt.

Shushed Rat

Rat head.


ChaChaneen said...

Oooooooo Nasty! ha ha ha Praise God she was able to pay the bill!

KARNA said...

ugly..looks like a kitten. i think i baked a rat once on my manifold; it smelled like dead rat