Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Tomorrow Student 1 is suppose to start riding the bus with the joker again. I am sure they are going to be friends now. Right.

When I got to the classroom this morning, my teacher and student 1 were doing target practice on the Wii. Brilliant! Lets teach student #1 how to have a better aim.

My dear friend donated 8 bags of plastic bottles to our classroom today. We make $52.00 !!! Thank you dear friend (even though she does not read my blog)
There is some real interesting people at the recycling place. The smell at this recycling yard is rancid.
A man pulled up in a 1976 Winnebago with fake wood siding while we where standing in lane to recycle our bottles. He opened the door and a few bagels fell out, he says to us standing in line Do they pay good here? I said better then some of the others, he picked up a cheese bagel off the floor of his motor-home took a bite and said , thank you. He took out 6 two liter soda bottles and got in line.
I always wonder about the lady who works there. Like how old is she? I bet she is 25 but she looks 40. She had a beautiful smile. I wonder what her life story is? Why does she work there? She has worked at the recycle place for over 10 years now. Who knows maybe it is her business. You can see by her leather tan skin she has had a hard life. She has one pierced ear from top to bottom. Today she had on diamonds. I guess diamonds are a girls best friend even if the girl works at the recycling yard. How can she stand the smell of stale beer, soda and whatever else? I wonder if she is afraid of the rats that run around that nasty place. Is she a drug addict? Today I looked at her arms to see if I could see any tracks but they where covered with long sleeve a blue dickie work shirt. She had green dickie work pants and work boots on. Her black hair was tied back into a pony tail. How does she put up with people like the guy in the Winnebago or worse? I wonder about her childhood.

Tonight I took my dad grocery shopping. He looks so frail. His clothes are hanging off of him. My Idaho friend called my dad today. That made him happy. My dad had made her a gift. I am lucky to have good friends even when they live so far away.

I will let you know how tomorrow goes with Student 1 and the Joker.


ChaChaneen said...

Lurve your post today! It is always great to visit with ya!

KARNA said...

Your posts are really good, Kristi. I find myself laughing a lot. Your sense of humor is found everywhere. Too bad your dad can't eat sugar...we could beef him up. Actually its good he can't since sugar feeds cancer. I'm sorry he is so frail. He made something for me?????????????????????? how nice!!! Now I'm really looking forward to the mail! Glad you got cool new shoes and sorry, really sorry, you have to stand in the rain for even one minute!!!!!! love you