Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Story with a Moral at the Manor

The Manor is where we had our meetings and ate our meals. There was a paved lighted path from the Stable where I was staying to the Manor. How symbolic.

The Manor had two dining rooms. One large dining hall and a breakfast nook. The breakfast nook was also used for a dining room. The nook had a table for 8. So it was like a private room for having a meal with your friends. It was first come first serve in both rooms. So on Saturday night I got up to the Manor early so I could save a spot in the private dining room for my dear friend and I.

Martha and Jackie were sitting across from me and my dear friend. Jackie kept worrying about my little fishy who lives here at home. She wondered who was feeding the fishy. Jackie thought that maybe I was being neglectful to the fishy, because he was not going to be fed for 1 day and a half. I have to admit I felt guilty. I told her in the wild fish do not eat for weeks and they are still ok. I am glad I am not a fish. Anyways I am off on a tangent.

Martha told us a story during dinner. Martha said all her life she would have nightmares about critters being in the toilet. The nightmares started when she was little. So Martha has made a point to look in the toilet bowl before she sits down on any toilet. Martha said in the middle of the night she ALWAYS turns on the light and looks before she sits down. One night a few years ago she was so tired from a hectic day of work and kids. She went to bed and was in a deep sleep when darn it, she had to get up to go the the bathroom. She decided she was going to be brave because she was just to tired to turn on the light and to look into the bowl. She sat down ...... she felt something poking her butt. At first she thought she was still sleeping. But something was poking her. She got up to turn on the lighted to look into the toilet bowl, low and behold there was a baby possum swimming around. She screamed EEEEKKKKK and ran out of the bathroom. She thought she was going to have a heart attack. Her X jumped out of bed to see what was going on. Martha could hardly spit out the words to tell him her biggest fear had come true. There was a critter in the toilet. Martha did not only tell the story she acted it out. I was laughing so hard I thought my side was going to split. Anyways her X "took care" of the baby possum. Martha was not sure what he did to get rid of it. She didn't care. The moral of the story, is always ALWAYS look before you sit.


ChaChaneen said...

Ohhhh I needed that laugh, that was hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

Lila said...

Oh my gosh! Someone has nightmares all their life about critters being in her toilet; so the one time she doesn't check before she goes, there IS a critter in the toilet??? What are the chances??? Wild, wild stuff.