Sunday, January 1, 2012

What I was Thinking at Church Today

It is good to see familiar faces and some new ones, who is that sitting with the pastors wife?
The christmas trees still look pretty.
I like it when the worship leader plays acoustic guitar. Eddie Van Halen is the best guitar player in the world, I hope I get to go see Van Halen. 
I like this worship song, I think it is about dyeing to self. 
When is the music going to be over? 
Mrs G looks so cute today.
Matthew AGAIN. Haven't we been in Matthew for the last 8 months? 
Pastor is funny, he is really self revealing. 
Demon possessed boy, there is a movie with a demon posessed mom, I saw the advertisement last night. 
I do not ever see any cobwebs in this church, I look every week. There is a cobweb at home that I need to get.
Faith of a mustard seed, that is encouraging. Moving mountains, I bet there would be a big earthquake. 
Bla Bla Bla, I don't want to listen anymore. 
What am I going to make for dessert? Yes, sugar free banana pudding with bananas and vanilla wafers for dad, chocolate pudding for me and my gig a low.
Am I on the right path or is God saying recalculating.  
Can't everyday be a new year? A fresh start? Why do we have to wait until Jan 1? 
I need to call Shorty its her birthday today.
Pastor is going on and on. I can tell you have "gone over" I feel restless.  
Pastor has really grown over the years, he is real. He can't fake who he is. 
I think I will close my eyes. What if I snore during church? 
Better keep my eyes open. 
List the people I need to pray for.
I like this little church. 
Yey, time to go home. 

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