Saturday, January 7, 2012

Local Gym Part 1

Jasmine and I have been going a the neighiborhood gym. I would call our time at the gym casual. Its good we get to ride the bikes and catch up on whats going on in our lives. Therefore, I guess I would have to say our time at the gym is more social. 

I was comfortable at this gym because it has a good mix of people. Young, old, fat, skinny and everything in-between. 

The gym has personal trainers. When you first join they give you a free personal training session. So I thought it would be fun to try it. I got a boot camp drill sergeant I will call Fuzzy. 

I tell Fuzzy, I will not do any floor exercises. Fuzzy did not like me telling him what I would not do, after all he is large and in charge. So I was punished the rest of our time together. Fuzzy puts me on one of the weight lifting machines. I admit my upper body is weak. So I do 3 lifts (I don't know what to call them) 

Fuzzy start screaming at me to "PUSH UNTIL YOU FAIL" what ? "YOU NEED TO FAIL" umm I don't want to fail Fuzzy. GO GO GO GO UNTIL YOU FAIL. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ok I am done. Fuzzy is screaming IS THAT ALL YOU CAN DO? DO MORE  UNTIL YOU FAIL. Look Mr. Fuzzy, I am not used to failing. I am used to succeeding. MORE MORE MORE. Ok Fuzzy, why do you like to be mean to old ladies. IF YOU WANT TO SUCCEED YOU HAVE TO FAIL. ok. 1,2,3,4,5. I can't lift anything any more, I failed. Are you happy now Fuzzy? Oh you have a smart mouth Fuzzy says. What the heck. Ok I am done with you Fuzzy.

Every time I would go in the gym after that Fuzzy would not even look at me. I did not care. I watched him punish other people. He is gone now. I haven't seen him in months.

I noticed they were having a special at the gym the other day. Another FREE training session. Ok I guess I will try it again. This time I requested the lady who looks to be about my age. She was very nice. She set up this whole program with me doing push up, being on the ball , doing things in front of the mirror. 
I don't want to get on the floor, or be on the ball because they are dirty. Ewwww. I don't like looking in the mirror. I don't get it why anyone wants to watch themselves work out. For me its a discouragement. She had me using rubber bands and dumb bells. I told her I could do this stuff at home. (I could , but I don't think I would)

I kind of went along with her program, although I would not use it on a regular basis. I like Fuzzy's work out program better, especially when he is not there screaming at me. 

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