Sunday, December 4, 2011

Broken Hearted KGO

I am broken hearted to hear about the changes at KGO radio. I have tuned in all of my adult life. Even though I did not agree with some of the talk show hosts I still listened. When I could not read, the KGO talk show host would open my very tiny world to food adventures, travel, health, politics and general conversations.

The talk show host became like "friends," They would tell you about their lives, and we could tell them about ours. Now most are a part kgo history. I am angry.

I was  Gene Burns biggest fan. I just tried to listen to Gene Burns last Saturday show, and I couldn't do it. I loved his big booming voice, I love his educated way of speaking and I always wished I would have such a big vocabulary. I looked up to him as a mentor to speak correctly. I could not read, but I could listen. He is the one who taught me to say February the right way. I loved to listen to his Saturday "dining around" show. The annual cookie contest is going to be missed far and wide. I am really going to miss Gene Burns and I hope he will be back on the air soon!

It's time to say good bye, good bye, its time to say good bye, GOOD BYE KGO. My radio world has gone silent. Its time to say good bye.

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