Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reckless Candle

The other day Fuchsia and I were looking for some trouble. We were board. We didn't know what was going to happen, but I promised Fuchsia something was going to happen, I would make sure of it. 

We ended up going down to Wisteria to make a candle. It cost $17.00 to make a candle in Wisteria. My budget for the week was $20.00. I told Fuchsia that we had to eat dinner at Taco Bell.

It was fun candle making. Here is the process. 

Pick out a candle shape. That will determine your cost.

pick out a scent. They had 2 doors full of scents. 
I wonder if "Feng Shui" and "Freshly Washed Man" would be a popular choice in Nebraska ?

They had wax cutouts that you could add to your candle that cost .50 to $1.50 each 

 I decided on a 4th of July theme with a pomegranate scent.

They had many colors of wax to choose from. I picked Red, White and Blue.

Than you chop your wax pieces up in little chunks.

I picked a square candle. Then I filled up the mold with wax and starfish. 

Fuchsia picked out a star shape.

This was our Candle assistant getting ready to pour our candles

She filled up the vat with paraffin

She added the pomegranate scent and gave it a good stir

She pours it into our molds

My very first reckless candle

Fuchsia's  candle turned out great! Afterwards she treated me to a trendy restaurant for dinner. That is a different story. Let me just say the food was delicious! Thanks Fuchsia! We made something happen!

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