Friday, January 18, 2013

Dead Man In the Parking Lot

The other day I was coming out of a restaurant, it was lunch time.  I noticed a small commotion in the parking lot, as I got closer I saw a man on the ground who appeared to be dead, another man on top of him was giving him chest compressions. One big haired lady was on the phone talking to 911, another lady was standing there. I said I know CPR can I help? The big haired lady on the phone said NO mouth to Mouth, just compressions. What? Is he breathing? NO. 911 is saying you don't need to do mouth to mouth anymore. Ok. I said Sir do you want me to help with chest compressions? No reply from the man working so hard to save a strangers life.

So I just stood there. I did not know what to do. Every once in a while the dead man would gurgle. I thought to myself, death rattle. His lips were turning blue. His eyes were fixated. Poor soul. The other lady who was standing next to me said there was a woman with a green shirt on with the dead man, she was screaming DON'T TOUCH HIM. She had disappeared.

Knowing how exuberant I am when I do chest compressions, I would break his ribs. I have been told by many instructors I am a rib breaker. It made me second guess if I wanted to jump in and help. All I could think about was lawsuits (from the green shirt lady)  I did nothing  to help. How utterly disgusting is that?

Just about that time a young 20 something lady was briskly walking by, she looks down and screams THATS MY DAD! THATS MY DAD, we were suppose to meet here for lunch! She bends down and and screams for her dad to "come back. " I felt really bad for 20 something. Her dad was dead. Soon after another young woman with a little baby shows up. Apparently she was a sister to 20 something.  Sister with a baby was waiting inside, her dad had called to say he was in the parking lot. When he did not come in she came out and found us. Then both sisters started screaming and hitting there dad trying to get him to "wake up for the baby" The man was still doing chest compressions and the big haired lady was on the phone with 911

I just stood there thinking how very sad this is. I wondered if the man was saved? He had no idea he was going to die that day in the parking lot, all he knew was he was going to have lunch with his two daughters and grandchild.

The dead man gurgled again. That made both the daughters think he was breathing. The man duing chest compressions stopped, looked and listened. Nothing, he resumed chest compressions.

What was taking the ambulance so long?

Finally after what seemed like an eternity the firefighters and ambulance showed up. It seemed as though they were in slow motions, jaded, another dead guy to deal with. We all backed away and watched as the first responders as they started ventilating the man, cut his shirt off and gave him electrical shocks.

When the dead man would jump because of the shocks the daughters thought it was a good sign. I could see his spirit was gone. The first responders could see it as well I am sure. They tried to revive the dead man for a long time with no avail. They loaded the dead man into the ambulance and told the sisters they were going to the hospital down the street.

I asked the sisters if I could drive them to the hospital? no thank you. They said we will be ok.  The sister with the baby was on the phone. I could overhear her telling someone that her dad was "unconscious." Just about that time the lady with the green shirt showed up again. She started talking to the sister with the baby. I walked over to 20 something and said I would pray for her and her family. She plainly said Thank you. This lead me to believe she was not a Christian. The ambulance and the sisters went to the hospital

The next thing I know I am in a group hug with the man doing chest compressions and the lady who was standing next to me. The man doing chest compression was out of breath and was shaking. He said I hope the man lives, but I don't think he will. I told the man that gave chest compressions he gave it a vaunt effort. We held on to each other for a long time. Then we all went our separate ways.

 I hope and pray and believe that God can turn all bad things to good some how. This was also a good reminder to spread the Gospel as we never know what is going to happen on our way to lunch.

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ChaChaneen said...

Wow, my friend! Well YOU certainly were there for a reason that will probably come to make sense at a later time. And you're right, when we are saved we don't know when we will get our heavenly promotion. In my bible study right now, we are reading Luke and this week's lesson was on sharing the gospel... for such a time as this. You are lurved my beautiful friend!