Sunday, June 17, 2012

Milestone For Rader Baby

Here is a story from Raider Momma about Raider Baby.  Some family came in from out of town, so this afternoon they went for a walk over the Golden Gate Bridge.

(The bridge) was so windy and LOUD!! The traffic sound was awful!!! We could hardly hear each other speak!! All of a sudden..... THAT SCREAM!!!! That scream that only comes from absolute horror!!! EVERYONE AROUND US FROZE!!! I looked at Raider Baby and I knew!! I actually screamed NOOOOOOOO!!!! Yep. The wind blew her nuk out of her hand and off the bridge.

We're debating replacing it because it was a tragic & unexpected loss, it was not 'you're a big girl, this is over' situation.

She cried at bedtime saying we needed to go back and rescue her nuk with a boat. 

I had to pay pink nuky her due respect :0)

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