Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Fire Inside

I just got home from a holy roller type prayer training. First let me say I loved it. My spirit jumped with joy to be around like minded people. This prayer training was not sipping milk, it was eating meat. It "tasted" good. There was so much to digest.

So at the end the leaders prayed over us, as a group and individually. When the teacher/leader/pastor prayed over me, he said the word FIRE. This is the second time the word has been spoken out over me. Last time was quite a few years ago.  No one else got the word FIRE. So now I am thinking there must be something to this ;).  What is God trying to tell me? I know God would not use fire in a bad or destructive way it this case. When the bible talks about fire, what does it mean? 

What the bible says about fire...hum let me see...

Sacrifices - 
all consuming, 


Weapon of war

Death penitently


God's presents and power

Gods word

Trials or misfortunes

Did I miss any? 

I am going to have to sleep on this and see if God gives me more information.

Update: Yes I do know that the fire was about this time.  I think that is between me and God. 

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