Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have to tell you what happend

I have to tell you what happened yesterday. My friend, her 3 children and I went to ROSS 's to look at clothes. The clothes racks are not very far apart so we were kind of standing in single file looking at the clothes. This was at 9:30 am when they first open. I noticed this man that had camouflage clothes pacing back and forth along one of the main aisles. He started singing LALALALA in a loud out of tune voice. My friend started laughing. (what was she thinking) He hears her laughing so he rushes over to us. He gets in my face. I am looking him square in the eye. He says "I was singing for the children" I did't say anything because I keep thinking he is going to pull out a gun and kill us. He starts yelling "I was singing for the children." (Flashes of those poor Amish kids who got shot started to play in my head.) I did not say anything. He said "what song do they want to hear?"I was looking him in the eyes but not saying anything. His eyes were beady and cold. I started to pray. So he starts singing/yelling
"PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON" he suddenly stops and stares at me. So I told him thank you and that the children appreciated it. He turned around and left the store. We left the store soon after.

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