Sunday, July 29, 2012

MaMa Jane

This is very hard to write. MaMa Jane is dying. I am thankful I have have the chance to tell her that  I love her, and tell her she was a very good mom.

MaMa Jane loved me and I knew it. Even during my most reckless and rebellious times. She has alway been kind and a great role model.

To see most all my foster family at the hospital  is a testament to what a good mother and grandmother she has been.

I am thankful even during these very difficult times that I can hang out with my foster family.

Just a few days go before she ended up in the hospital we were talking about coloring my hair. I said I was not sure if I wanted to depending on the bottle again. Mama Jane  encourage me to color my hair. So I asked her when I got to the hospital what color I should put in my hair. She reached up and touched my hair and said red.

Most likely the next time you see me I will have red hair.
On Friday even though she was in ICU she was still worried about who had enough to eat or who was hungry. She wanted to make sure everyone had enough sleep. My foster brother and foster nephew said MaMa Jane "light" up when I walked into the room.

Earlier today MaMa Jane said PaPa was there to get her. But MaMa Jane said that PaPa was "just going to have to wait"

This is some segments of what I wrote about MaMa Jane 3 years ago.

There are some people on this earth who should never be a mother and some people who should be everyones mom. I would nominate MaMa Jane to be everyones mom. MaMa Jane just knows how to love kids. She knows how to make them feel like they are special and that every child has value.

MaMa Jane took me in and treated me like one of her own. She stuck by me even when times were rough.

She was there for me before my mother died and after. She loved me and cared for me and fed me. Gave me a safe place to live. She showed me that adults can and should have fun.

Jane was multi faceted cool. Christmas time at my foster family's was filled with joy . There was so much chaos with so many kids. MaMa Jane always had a stocking filled with goodies and presents for me. She bought us kids the latest toys that were popular at the time. One year she bought me a “Simon.” I loved that toy.

Another thing that made MaMaJane so cool was that she listened to KFRC (pop rock) with us. She knew all the singers and knew the words to all the popular songs. 

Every one knows moms are not supposed to curse. The first time me and my foster sister heard her say sh*t we ran. She was not mad at us kids, she was mad at the check book.

MaMa Jane made us kids really good food to eat. Some of my favorites were fried Bologna, chicken sandwiches from a crock pot, corn meal mush in a loaf, pancakes that were as big as the frying pan, a pasta and ground beef dish that she called Marzettie. She would make this really good salad, that has a cheesy dressing. YUMMY! She let us eat candy and potato chips. She made the best homemade chocolate chip cookies. Me and My foster sister loved to eat raw cookie dough. MaMa Jane would tell us eating raw cookie dough would give us worms, hoping to keep us out of the mixing bowl. The thought of worms never slowed us down. We would still get our fingers in the batter and lick the spoon. I told my kids they would get worms if they ate raw cookie dough. It never stopped them either.

If anyone ever complained about me and my foster sister doing something wrong she would say “Oh no my girls would never do anything like that". I remember how good she made me feel, she stuck up for me even though I really didn’t deserve it. MaMa Jane said good things about me, even when other people were not. 

I know that the Angels are there waiting Mama Jane to take you home. Remember no more pain, no more suffering. You will be free.

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